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Rotary Discussion Series: Is Doing Good Good Enough?  

Today’s event will explore philanthropy’s unique role in achieving health equity, from assessing community needs to aligning how we distribute funds and create diverse partnerships that support equitable and significant change. The program includes conversations with thought leaders from the nonprofit and healthcare sector and will deepen our understanding of how we can collectively drive meaningful change and deploy resources to realize a shared vision of a better world.

Meet the Speakers:

Dr. Julie Morita

Executive Vice President of the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
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Monica Brown Moss

Co-Chair, First Ladies Health Initiative; Chair, Board of Directors for the
Greater Chicago Food Depository
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Anne Marie Murphy, PhD

Executive Director at Equal Hope
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Patricia Merryweather-Arges

Rotary International Director, 2022-24
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Katie Scarlett Brandt

Associate Editor for
Chicago Health Magazine
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